Fried Bean Sprouts Food Cuisine

You can find bean sprouts as additional ingredients in many Indonesia food cuisines. But, in Bogor, West Java, there is cuisine that uses bean sprouts as main ingredients. That is Fried bean Sprouts.

Usually, this menu added with green onion leaves, oncom (fermented cake made from soybean sediment), noodle, and soybean. Its easy to cook. Because the secret of its delicious come from the sauce and hot sauce.



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Tofu Rice Cake, Mixing Menu in Indonesia

I do not now in English language, but this rice cake called as kupat or ketupat (rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves). Combined with tofu and gravy from coconut milk or and bean condiment gravy, tofu rice cake menu created.
Kupat is like rice rolls. The different is kupat wrapped with plaited young coconut leaves, while rice rolls wrapped with banana leaves.
This menu is usual menu that you can find in street food stalls in Indonesia. Whether the ingredients is simple, with cooker ability to blend various spices, make this menu taste different each street food stall.



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Cooked Rice Omelet Recipe for Newbie

For Indonesian, cooked rice is main food, but if you have never eat cooked rice before and still doubt about rice taste, you can make this menu to initialize your tongue for rice taste. This recipe called as rice omelet; yes you are right, just like usual omelet but rice added.
3 eggs
50 ml fresh milk
300 g of cooked rice
50 g of green paprika, sliced
10 g of Bombay onion, sliced
50 g of shrimps, chopped in small pieces, sautéing
1 spoon of vegetables oil

1 spoon of salty soy sauce
½ tea spoon of pepper powder
1 tea spoon of salt

How to make it?

  • shake eggs and milk along with condiments above until mixed

  • Put in it cooked rice, paprika, Bombay onion, and fried shrimp. Stir until mixed.

  • Heat the wok, put on vegetables oil on it.

  • Pour dough/batter and stir it. Close the wok. Cook until the bottom rather dry.

  • Lift and make top side become bottom so every side cooked.

  • After cooked, serve in heat and eat it.



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About Indonesia and Food

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. From the air, Indonesia is like a beautiful necklace of aquamarine and sapphire and emerald hues, strung between Australia and mainland Southeast Asia, and home to nearly two hundred million people. A vast and beautifully diverse country dotted over more than five thousand kilometers of tropical oceans across the equator. With these enormous numbers of people and over 15,000 islands, there are no arguments that we are looking at more than a hundred ethnic groups and more than three hundred distinct dialects/languages. So, with the facts, variety is the spice of life and nowhere is this more than true in Indonesia.

indonesia map

With such a diverse culture, it is not surprising that its cuisine is also varied. However, through out Indonesia, rice is the preferred staple. Spices are important ingredients in Indonesian cuisine. The spices are producing those distinct flavors of the food people eat. Every region of the archipelago will identify itself with a famous dish or peculiar method of preparation.

More basic ingredients described here.

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