Lumpia is a food which made from mince rebung (a bamboo bud), wrapper with skin from egg and flour batter.
Lumpia born in Hindia Belanda phase (Dutch colonialization). Until now, lumpia become food souvenir from Semarang. In fact, Semarang known as lumpia city, because a lot of lumpia seller.
Lumpia prize is different at one seller to another seller. Gang Lombok lumpia, owner by Siem Swie Kiem, sell lumpia at Rp. 6.000,- (USD 0, 6) per item (fried/raw). Food stall at Pemuda Street, owner by Mbak Lien, sell lumpia Rp. 5.500,-(USD 0,5) per item, while another seller sell lumpia at Rp. 2.500,- per item. They could find anywhere in Semarang area, such as M.T. Haryono Street, Pandanaran Street, and others street. So, how to pick a delicious and original lumpia if there are a ot of seller?
This lumpia’s history can be considered thing when decide to buy lumpia :
In Semarang, right now, there are five branch of cooking ‘method’ with a different taste sensation. First, Gang Lombok (Siem Swie Kiem) method, Second, Pemuda Street (Siem Swie Hie) method, and third mataram Street (Siem Hwa Nio) method. The third method come from one family of Siem Gwan Sing–Tjoa Po Nio, which appear a son in law and daughter or Tjoa Thay Yoe–Wasih, a creator of lumpia.
Fourth method is from ex-employee at Pemuda Street method, and the last method is come from people who have culinary hobby. They create lumpia recipe with lumpia which already exist.
The extraordinary thing of Gang Lombok method is the lumpia is not smell (the batter of bamboo bud is not smell), and egg and shrimp do not putrid taste. You can find this lumpia at Gang Lombok 11 ( Lombok Small Street No. 11).
The special lumpia of Pemuda Street method is the batter of bamboo bud added a kampong chicken meat and shrimp. You can find in Pemuda Street and Pandanaran Street.
Lumpia Mataram street method could be found at Mataram Street (MT Haryono Street), beside could be found in another place in Semarang. You also find in Jakarta.
Beside a family lumpia creator generation which make and sell lumpi, there some people that also make and sell lumpia. They are usually ex-employee of the three food stall above, or culinary hobbies.
So, now you can decide which lumpia that you prefer to buy. Enjoy Semarang city as your trip destination in Indonesia, don’t forget to buy lumpia.
Source: KOMPAS, written by SN Wargatjie, Dari Gang Lombok Menyebar ke Mana-mana.Translated and edited by reog.