Indonesian Sashimi and Sushi from Tidore

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Did you ever eat Sashimi or may be sushi? In Indonesia food cuisine, there is original food thayt seem like those food. It is known as Gohu Cakalang. Gohu means rujak in Indonesia language, and salad fruit in English. Cakalang means tuna fish. So, this food is cuisine that made from fresh tuna fish meat with spices. Called rujak as Indonesia salad fruit, because it usually has hot taste, so do this cuisine. This food cuisine comes from Tidore, Maluku.

How to make it? Tuna fish meat sliced in thin and short form. Press meat, so there is no more dropped water. After that, sprinkled it with hot coconut oil. But, some people sprinkled it with cold coconut oil. It depends on your appetite. Furthermore, the meat sprinkled with lime liquid to eliminate odor of fish, and also to soften the sliced meats.

Other ingredients? Prepare salt, chopped shallots, chili, basil. Mix all that spices, stir it with sliced meats. This menu, usually eat with coconut milk banana, coconut milk cassava, or sago cuisine.

Just to be an attention, to get delicious taste, make sure that you pick really fresh tuna fish. Fresh I meant fish that has just dropped from fisherman boat. Sorry if you difficult to find it because your area dos not near harbor :).