Although use ends of cow meat parts, this soup was very delicious. The clearly gravy with spices and stock sediment very delicious if ate during warm.
Mang Endang food stall is one of food stall which served oxtail soup in 60th A Sudirman Street, Air Mancur, Bogor, and West Java, Indonesia. In Mang Endang food stall, oxtail cooked banned with thin bamboo lath. Why? Because with bamboo lath, tendered oxtail meat could not shattered and easy to picked up. Beside of that bamboo can not damaged stock gravy.
After picked up, banned bamboo cutting of, put in bowl and added with chopped tomato, broccoli, and sowing fried onion, served hot. On the table there are sambal rawit, emping (crackers made from gnemon seed, cucumber pickles, and lime. The gravy not too oily, clearly, with balanced sweet and deliciously oily, pepper aromatic is harmonious so tasty of the stock prime quality. In the culinary scholarly, the stock certainly made with bouquet garni or mirepoix, France cooking method to make stock with boiled carrot, Bombay onion, spices, and onion leaves. Sweet taste of boiled carrot, onion leaves, and cauliflower made the stock flavor wealthier.
The stock of Mang Endang oxtail soup did not spread bad smell of cow fat. Oxtail meat was so tender and easily pulled with spoon. So tender with spicy taste which perfectly absorbed and almost without fat clod and not too much MSG taste, made this clearly soup perfect. With emping sowing and little bit cucumber pickles, oxtail soup became delicious lunch.
Source:, written by Odilia Winneke, edited and translated by reog.