Sipirok Food Stall is take place on Sunggal Street, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The food stall’s main menus are buffalo ribs soup, roasted meat, and sambal tiny sea fish.
Roasted meat is cow meat in cube shape which roasted, then steamed, eaten with sauce in sour sambal form. In order to get soft meat, the meat which roasted only meat between cows hip and thigh. Sour sambal is also uniquely sauce from Sipirok, made from raw red chili which refined and mixed with lime and onion slices.
Others menu are buffalo marrow soup, hot-sour goldfish, sale fish curry, and sambal pati. All that menus served with several kinds of uniquely vegetables from Sipirok, like papaya flower, sweet potato leaf, and boiled sweet potato leaf. Sipirok is plateau at South Tapanuli.If you don’t like ribs soup, you can order sale fish curry or goldfish hot-sour. Sipirok which take a place in the middle of South Tapanuli and North Tapanuli seems divine to have culinary which adopted from those two areas.
South Tapanuli culinary have thick santan (milk squeezed from coconut) characteristic. North Tapanuli culinary have drier characteristic. So, in Sipirok food stall, you’ll find thin gravy in sale fish curry. For hot-sour goldfish, there is still use andaliman, Batak’s uniquely spice. Andaliman taste is a little bit bitter.
There is another traditional food culinary served by Sipirok Food Stall, that is tuktuk sambal. Tuktuk sambal made from red chili, pounded with gedapang fish, a kind of fish which live in rivers in South Tapanuli. The smell is sting, but the taste is very delicious. But, the menus do not always served, because the fish difficult to find.
Before pounded, gedapang fish roasted. After dry, fish flesh separate from its bone. Then dried flesh fish pounded with red chili and put in lime squeezed. Usually, tuktuk sambal is eaten with dish of raw vegetables and a spicy sauce, like sweet potato leafs.
Source of this article: KOMPAS, writen by Khaerudin, titled “Rumah Makan Sipirok Makan Siang Favorit di Medan”. Translated and edited reog.