Angkringan is unique food stall. You can only bought a glass of coffe, and make a discussion there from night until drop. In Indonesia, angkringan become citizen community.

Angkringan foods stall just a cart, with chair around it. You’ll see in every street if you come to Indonesia. Angkringan means ngangkring or hang out. I think, angkringan is modified HIK food stall. HIK is kind of street food stall too, but the food is more expensive and more varians. In angkringan, you’ll find cat rice!!! A rice, mixed with hot chili, and tiny sea fish, and wrapped with banana leaf and paper (Indonesian who have cat(s), usually feed their cat with a rice and tiny sea fish, so cat rice named). That’s way the foods is very cheap.Indonesian who ate there is not only looking for cheapest food, more than that, it’s about building community and friendship. People, who did not know each other, discuss current issue that happen in their neighborhood, or maybe discuss current political movement in Indonesia.

Formerly, angkringan became favorite food stall by lower class. Only IDR 1,000-1,500, you’ll be saturated. But now, I can not find cheapest angkringan anymore……..because……I don’t know. Right know, I usually eat chicken penyet, it’s more worthly, I think. But Sometimes, I still go to angkringan, to build relationship with other, just order a cup of coffe, and talk till drop :).


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