If you are saying “ketoprak”, it’s seemed like Javanese drama, “kethoprak”. But this ketoprak is one of famous street food in Indonesia (Jakarta?), besides meatball soup and chicken noodle. Ketoprak usually sell on the cart. The cart shape is specific, like a boat. Every seller has a same shape of cart.

Ketoprak contains: pieces of lontong (food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf), thin rice noodles, and bean sprouts. In Jakarta, you’ll find ketoprak with sambal kacang (pounded chili+beans). But if you arrive in Purwakarta (One of city in West Java District), you’ll find ketoprak with kluwek spices.Kluwek is fruit which usually use for spices, especially for rawon (thick soup from East Java). Javanese people called it Kluwek or kluwak, Malaysian called it keluak or paying, in Latin, it calls Pangium edule Reinw, Flacourtiaceae genum.

The kluwek ketoprak appear is so exotic!! All of material sinked in the black gravy.

Original article by Danang ismu, source


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