indonesia food
Do you know martabak? Imagine this; thick folded crepe filled with spices and pieces of meat. Hmm…seems yummy for you? Martabak is one of the famous street food snacks in Indonesia. Kind of martabak which usually sell in Indonesia food stall is Malabar martabak, egg martabak from Indian Moslem. Mostly, martabak is using duck egg to get the specific aroma and more stable. Martabak is filled with chopped goat meat with curry spices and chopped onion leaves. Another versions; martabak use chicken egg and cow meat. That batter wrapped with thin skin from wheat flour, frying until dry, and pillow shape, after that chopped in small pieces.In Malaysia, martabak called as murtabak. Murtabak do not chopped like in Indonesia, but smashed while half cooked, so it seems like scrambled egg.

In Aceh, one of Indonesia Province, there is unique martabak. Aceh’s martabak usually called as contraire martabak. Because, the making process is contrary then usually.

Skin of martabak usually as wrapping item, but in aceh skin as the content. Martabak skin frying until likes canai bread. Egg mixed with chopped onion and onion leaves frying, and wrapping the skin.
Original article by Bondan Winarno, edited and translated in English by reog, source: Kompas.