Laota Egg-Crab porridge in Bali

Wanna to Bali Islands huh? If you arrive at late night in Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, and…very hungry, you could try special porridge. There is 24 hours food stall which sell it. The name of food stall is Warung Laota, 530th Raya Kuta Street, Tuban, Kuta, Bali.

There are ten (10) kinds of porridge that you could see. Crab porridge, Cow, seafood, eel, pi-oh, squid, and many more. That entire price around IDR 20,000 until IDR 35,000, or about USD 2 until 3, 5.

This food stall is Cantonese stall, so except the porridges, you’ll find Hong Kong cuisine, like garlic steam shrimp, hot eel, Hong Kong fried seafish, and…again…many more…If you order Laota Egg-Crab porridge, you’ll find a bowl of porridge with whole crab in it. Hot, and the aroma seems delicious. I bet, you’ll be hurry to eat it.

The color of porridge is brown, the taste is so tasty. In the porridge you’ll find crab eggs, and if you want to eat the meat, it needs little effort to let it go from the sell, but it was fantastic eating experiences.

At seafood porridge, you’ll see different color. The seafood porridge is white, and the taste more insipid, but still tasty. You’ll see lots of sea foods in there, such as squid, shrimp, crabs, and many more…

Original writer Angelina Maria Donna, adapted and translated to english by reog. Source : KOMPAS