LONTONG KIKIL-Variant of rice cooking and food

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There are many variant of how cooking rice in Indonesia. One of that is making as Lontong. Lontong is food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf. The shape is like stick, oval.

As main item, lontong served with many variant of side dish, but usually it served with gravy side dish, like kikil soup. What is kikil? Kikil is part of foot of animal (usually cow, goat, or buffalo). The kikil meat is rubbery (to cook kikil meat until tender, usually it took 3 hours), but I bet the taste is so delicious. I bet you! :).For example, you can meet Lontong Kikil menus in Yu Mi food stall in Jl Raya Serpong ,Ruko SR I no 41, Melati Mas, Jakarta.

Another usual variations of lontong is vegetables lontong menu. Lontong only accompanied with gravy vegetables, But from that, you can pick another side dish that served by foodstaller, like chicken, egg, etc.

Original writer Angelina Maria Donna, adapted and translated by reog. Source KOMPAS.