Preparing Indonesian cuisine does not require any complex equipment. One important item you will need is a solid wooden chopping block and the bigger the block size is the better. Another item that is equally important as the chopping block is a heavy cleaver. These two items does everything from chopping up a while chicken to mincing meat and seafood, bruising a stalk of lemongrass to smashing cardamom pods so they release their fragrance.

One task of cooking Indonesian cuisine that is very important is grinding or crushing the seasonings that form the basis of countless Indonesian dishes. To do this, traditionally and still popular nowadays especially in Indonesia itself, a saucer-shaped granite grinding stone together with a granite pestle is used. This granite saucer also often used to serve sambal (chili sauce). However, in this modern era and in other countries other than countries in Asia, it is probably hard to find these tools. Therefore, food processor or blender should be sufficient to do this task.

Chinese woven bamboo steamer is always good to have in preparing many Indonesian dishes. The steamer made with bamboo is preferred to a metal steamer because it absorbs more moisture rather than letting it fall back into the food and this steamer is also could perfectly sits inside a wok just above the boiling water.

Wok is very ideal for deep frying because it requires less oil then a conventional deep fryer. Moreover, it allows just the right amount of evaporation for those dishes which begin with a large amount of liquid and finish with a thick sauce. Not to forget, a frying shovel or spatula is an essential partner of a wok.

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