Dye Noodle from Palembang

Dye noodle is foodstall cuisine from Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia. Exactly, you also can find this food in Jambi, or Lampung, but in Palembang, dye noodle become characteristic and popular food of this city.

This food use shrimp for main condiment. Shrimp brains use to make the gravy. The egg noodle that use is like spaghetti, big size and straight.

Before you try recipe below, remind that you must have special pan to cook the gravy. Use double pan to cook, one big pan fulfill with water, smaller pan fulfill with the gravy. Put smaller pan in big pan. Smaller pan become float parts So you have to cook the gravy inside boiled water. Why? Because if the gravy ‘touch’ the fire directly, gravy become too hot, and make it thicker.

Shrimps, egg noodle, bean sprouts, boiled egg, shallots, garlic

Gravy Ingredients:
Shrimp stock, sugar, salt, pepper, wheat flour, egg, onion leaves

How to make it:
Mill shallots, garlic, pepper, salt until refined. Heat the frying oil, sautéing refined spices until fragrant. Put in chopped shrimp, add water, and let it boiled. After that, put in wheat flour which have been fused with water. Let it boiled, add sugar, and onion leaves.


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