Layer Cakes Recipes, Rice Flour Indonesia Cakes

Just look at the image, you’ll see cakes in layers form. This Indonesia cakes has been my favorite cakes since child. I usually eat it with peel one by one of the layer. So tasty. Here the cakes recipe:

Ingredient :

Serves 20

1 litter coconut milk


3 pandan leafs

270 gram rice flour

100 gram corn starch

300 gram granulated sugar

Food color red and green

Preparation :

  1. Cook coconut milk with salt and pandan leaf. After it boiled, take out and let it cool.

  2. Mix rice flour, corn starch, and granulated sugar. Pour coconut milk little by little while stir continuously.

  3. Split the dough into 3 parts. Leave the first part without color. The other colored into red and green.

  4. Take out a tray size 18 cm. layer with plastic and cover with oil. Pour the white dough on the base of the tray and stem for 10 minutes.

  5. Pour the red dough and stem for 10 minutes, and so on with the green dough and the rest of the dough.