Sugar Palm’s or Sago Maggot Cuisine

Here’s unique Indonesia Food, a maggot. Yes, a maggot! Have you ate maggot or larva? Don’t feel repugnant, this maggot is so delicious. This maggot is from dead sugar palm or sago palm.

These maggots become unique food cuisine from Asmat ethnic of Papua, North Sulawesi, and also Karo Ethnic of North Sumatra.

How is the maggot appearance? The length about 4 centimeters, with one centimeters diameter, fat, white, and sexy :).

After cleaned, this maggot is frying until the outer part crunchy, but not till smashed so liquid inside still intact. Afterwards, fried maggots cooking a while in cooked gravy. This gravy contains of spices, like turmeric, walnut, shallots, garlic.

The taste? Hm…really yummy, it’s so delicious. The outer part is crunchy; the inside smashed and has a taste like marrow. The eyes part gave special sensation when eaten. There is thick liquid, crispy and soft taste, like cow marrow.