Fillet from Indonesia, Dendeng Batotok

indonesia food

Dendeng, kind of meat cuisine, become one of famous Indonesia Food. Dendeng or this fillet food itself divided into several genre. One of them is called Dendeng Batokok, from Sawahlunto, West Sumatra Province.

Thin sliced meat, wrapper with coconut oil, spread aromatic smell, seduce our eat appetite. Every one has different way to eat this menu. There are people who like eat only this meat, but there are also people who like eat it with kind of vegetables. And people, who like hot taste, can add Indonesia hot sauce/sambal into it. But, one thing that have to add, that is coconut oil.

This meat food made from selected cow meat, usually from cow hips, that do not have fat. Fat in cow meat does not good if we want excellent dendeng quality.

Cleaned cow meat than sliced I thin shape. After sliced, those sliced meats submerged into spices and condiment mixing in 5 hours.

After that, those spices sliced meat smoked. Pallet with bamboo plait, those meats arranged, then bamboo plait hanging around 1 meter on fireplace. Smoke the meats until dry, around 10 hours.

After dried, thin meat again with tools like a hammer, then chopped as you wish. After that, roast the meats, then serve with coconut oil.