Indonesia Fish Soup from Banda Island

indonesia food
Maluku or Moluccas, one of islands group in Indonesia have food cuisine that have unspoken delicious. Because I bet you that you’ll not be able to descript the foods deliciousness in words.

When you slurps the salty and crisp gravy, little bit hot, mix with nutmeg sour, words evaporate, leave tongue which taste delicious sensation.

Banda Islands is one of cluster of Moluccas Island that becomes famous because of the sea garden, and also the cuisine. So, after we have snorkeling activities, you can eat just delicious cuisine.

The famous cuisine is Fish Soup. Nutmeg gravy makes soup become really delicious. There is little bit sour taste mix with hot taste. The hot taste different with hot taste from chili, because the nutmegs hot taste really tender and the warm that crawl until stomach. That taste sensation is from wrapping meats that wrap nutmegs.

So, how about the recipe? Don’t hurry, I will post the recipe soon.

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