Rabeg, Cuisine for Sultan (Kings) Banten

Yore, there are a lot of Sultanate/Kingdom in Indonesia. Every Sultanate has its unique cuisine that only served for Sultan and his family. For example, in Banten Sultanate there is cuisine called as Rabeg. Right now, Banten is one of province of Indonesia.

Main ingredients of rabeg are goat meat and its innards. The taste is hot but also sweet, full of spices.

Main spices are ginger and pepper, with little of red chili. One portion of rabeg menu usually contains of rabeg, vegetables salad, Gnetum gnemon fruit chips, and uduk cooked rice (cooked rice that cooked with coconut milk).

Used to be, rabeg only became Sultan and his family meal, but right now you can find it in foodstall around Banten. Rabeg become special cuisine from Banten, Indonesia.