Alkaline Foods for Better Healthy Live

Basically, our cells body have alkaline/alkali characteristic. More acidic those cells, our body will more easily to get ill. Our body produced acid as additional result of normal metabolism. Because our body does not produce alkali, we have to supply those needed from outside body, food of course. The guideline; we have to consume food that consist of 80% alkali and 20% acid if we want to keep our body health.
For patient that has beginning stadium of cancer, consume alkali food in tight, make probability to get well and recover is high. In normal condition, our body have alkali characteristic with pH 7.4. At that balance, chemical processes go well, and all body’s residue disappears in fast.
But, if we too much eat acid food, then our blood become acid. As a consequence, heart, spleen, liver, and kidney have to work harder to clean the blood. And, those process things make our body easily attacked by disease.

Poison waste that can not throw, usually settle in pivot, caused rheumatism, and gout. Also can exit through skin become acne,
abscess, etc. More serious, acidic condition in blood and body will causing various disease that harder such as cancer, heart attack, etc.
Alkali food identically with no meat food, because fish, meat, and egg have acid characteristic. Food and drinking that contain acid, for example tea, coffee, alcohol, hot sauce, spices, vinegar, food that contains sugar, etc.

If you choose alkali diet, increase the vegetables (especially green vegetables), milk, ghee and butter milk, honey, fruits, and fruit essences-especially that contain lots water like papaya, apple, pineapple, tomato, and banana.