Want our emotion more controlled? Want feel confident doing a presentation? Or want our sex passion stronger and flame? All of that depend on food which eaten. The foods that have eaten can influence our mind and our feeling….our mood! Do not believe yet? Did you ever realize that our tired feeling and piqued feeling suddenly disappear when we finished our cup of warm tea? Chocolate or teas are few sample of food which influences our mood.
Food substance from food and drink that we consume can influence concentrate chemical substance in nerve substance, that is serotonin and dopamin-norepinefrin, which finally affect a nerve function.
Serotonin related with thinking and calm behaviors, such as comfort, relax optimist, etc. Dopamin-norepinefrin related with mind and active behavior, such as alert, prepared, reactive, happy, etc.
Green food, beans, and fresh fruit can increase serotonin content inside body. Meats and high-fat food can increase dopamin-norepinefrin content.
Increasing memory
Sea fish, like tuna and salmon are good to consume because content a compound that increasing studying and memory process in long and short term.
Ginko biloba, carrot, tomato, blueberry, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, and beans (sunflower bean and peanut) also suggested to consume in order to chase away easy-forget disease.

Passion increasing
Beside stamina more ideal, food also can make you and your couple easier to get climax and satisfied when having sex/making love.
Oyster, banana, alpukat, asperges, carrot, almond, mango, strawberry, chocolate, heart, are kind of foods which believed in effectively to increase libido.
Beside to be eaten, you can use several kinds of food to ‘crowded’ making love ceremony, such as chocolate, ice, ice cream, or honey. Smear it to sensitive part of your body, then ask him/her to ‘taste’ using his/her tongue before enter to ‘primary menu’ :).
Handled a bad mood
To chase away a bad mood, increasing consume food which content serotonin, such as vegetables and fruits. When we get stress, don’t consume high-fat food and high-sugar, because those food only disappear a stress in a moment, the next is your stress is worse. Don’t consume fried food too.
In stress condition, body produces kartisol hormone which drained your mineral and B vitamin inside body. This means, a protection of brain cell lower and body immune weak.
This article source is from KOMPAS, written by (An),translated in English and edited by reog.


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