Do you know Roasted Peking Duck? This food culinary has begun presented in Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368). So this food has been existing since 600 years ago!!!Peking is old name for Beijing. So, if you come to Beijing, taste it. You’ll not go to Beijing if you’re not taste this special food culinary.
In the book titled 'The Complete Recipes for Dishes and Beverages', said that in 1330 Peking duck become Emperor Menus. In palace kitchen, this exclusive menu served. The chefs continuing increase the recipe to increase its delicious. This menu is very secret, but finally the recipe could go out, and citizen could taste the emperor menus too. Suddenly, Peking duck become favorite menu in Beijing….all China…and finally entire world.
If you are pick a traveling in Beijing. You’ll find the Peking duck menu in Quan Ju De (place where we eat) Restaurant. In this restaurant, a portion of Peking duck has a price 160 Yuan. If you are looking for cheaper price, but the taste is also sensational, you’ll get in Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant, 11 Nankou Beixiangfeng, Zhengyilu, Qianmen Dongdajie, and Dongcheng District.
Please watch the slicing process, because slicing process of meat become an attractive attraction. With sharp knife and skilled hand, chef begin slice the meat, and 3 minutes after, whole duck become sliced meat and ready to eat?
Thin sliced duck meat plus cucumber sliced, and added onion leaf, put in thick sauce and wrap with spices rice flour. After wrapped, the meats ready to eat! :) enjoyed…
Cooking peeking duck have some several steps. First, air pumped in the body, this method is to separate skin with its meat and fat. After that, the duck smeared with sauce, and then hanging in open air until dried. The next step, the dried duck roasted in oven until the skin crispy, the sign that the meat (will) delicious to eat.
This article source is from KOMPAS, wrote by (ds) titled ‘Oh,"Peking Duck"’. Translated in English and edited by reog.


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