So... did you hear it before?Fried cassava explode?.....What kind of food it is?

Fried cassava is common snack in Indonesia. You’ll see small street-food-stall which sell it in the afternoon. But, in Bandung, you’ll see fried cassava in different style, known as Fried Cassava Explode.

Fried cassava explode is innovation menu from food stalls in Bandung (capital city of West Java District, Indonesia).Phisically, there is no special with this cassava, except the color is more yellow compare with usually fried cassava. In fact, there are a lot of flakes which destroyed when the cassava fried.

But, when you try to eat it...mmm....this fried cassava is so soft and deliciously....tender on the tongue and the after taste is long...after few still can feel the deliciously, especially eaten while hot or warm.So yummy!!!!

The secret of its deliciousity is cheese added. So, after frying half cooked, cassava soak in cold liquid cheese.When put in the liquid cheese, a hot cassava explode, and leave flakes in the border of the cassava (thats way it called fried cassava explode).

After soaked in liquid cheese, a half fried cassava quiet ignore in few minutes in order that cheese really penetrate in cassava body. After that, cassava is frying again until cooked.
So... ready to implemented it??? ;).


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