Traditional food culinary in Manado and Minahasa is very specific. Beside full of spices, the cooking process and method are unique, such as burn food in the soil, use bamboo (put in raw food in bamboo and then cook it), cooking on dodika (traditional stove) using earthen cooking pot.
The cooking process and method above still become behavior some people in villages. Citizen in Manado and Minahasa usually use Bamboo cooking method in ceremony party and special day.Chicken bamboo only one from several variations of menus with bamboo cooking method. Other menus, such as posana, pig/chicken leilem vegetables, pig/chicken popaya vegetables, saut vegetables (from young banana stem), and pig/chicken pangi vegetables or keluak leaf (keluak is the fruit of the kepayang tree used as a spice). Also nasi jaha cake and lemang snack.
Usually, the main spices are rawit chili, ginger, garlic, red onion, onion leaf, lemongrass, lime leaf, basil leaf, and turmeric as coloring item for food and to loss rancid smell of meat.
Source of the articles Kompas, written by PIN, edited and translated by reog.


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