Noodle is common meal for Indonesian, from a child till mature citizen, from a village till big city.

Usually, base of noodle material is wheat powder. In the Mi Sehat (Healthy Noodle) Restaurant, Suryakencana Street, Bogor District, West Java Province, base material for its noodle are vegetables that is spinach and carrot. Noodle from spinach known as green noodle, orange noodle is term for noodle from carrot. One bowl of noodle is Rp. 10.000 or USD 1 until USD 1, 5.

Spinach and carrot proceed with juice maker, mixed with wheat powder in secret composition, print as a noodle. The noodle made without durable material. The age of this noodle is 3 days. Spinach and carrot have brought from Agatho Farm, Cisarua, Bogor District, and West Java Province.

This noodle is healthy, because it’s content high nutrient which come from its base material. The high of nutrient said by Nurfi Afriansyah, nutritionist from Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Gizi dan Makanan (nutrient institution below Health Department of The Government of The Republic of Indonesia). That nutritionist said that more orange a piece of carrot, more rich its karatenoid. Amount of karatenoid in carrot is 20 times richer than tomato, 6, 5 times richer than mango, and almost 3 times richer than green vegetables. Carrot’s karatenoid is more nutritious and easy reserve by our body. Base on the riset which have done by two universities in USA, people who consume carrot and other food in high karatenoid, are have heart disease risk less 60% than commonly.

This restaurant does not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) to cook, unlikely common Chinese restaurant in Indonesia. So, without MSG, the food is healthier. Although this restaurant do not use MSG, the taste of noodle still deliciously, because of the mix of noodle taste, chicken gravy, white onion, and other spices.

After eat this healthy noodle, we can get more satisfy if we drink Dutch eggplant juice or strawberry juice which the main menu of this restaurant.

Source of this article: KOMPAS, written by FX Puniman, edited and translated by reog.