Surabaya Culinary

The city of Surabaya, become central of East Java traditional food, because we can find a lot of kind region food which become Surabaya food. For example, Sate madura (Madura satay), Soto madura (Madura soto), tahu campur lamongan (Lamongan mixed soybeans curd/tofu), and Nasi krawu gresik (Gresik krawu rice).

Central food industry, like smoke banding fish, kerupuk (chips made of flour flavored with fish or shrimp), terasi (condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish; usually in compact shape), as well as petis (condiment of the fermented fish or shrimp; usually in fluid shape).Nowadays, Surabaya food had spreader to other cities, especially Jakarta. If the tripper arrive into Surabaya, usually they are looking for Rujak cingur (vegetables or fruit salad with slices of beef snout). The taste of rujak cingur between Surabaya and another r city could be different, cause the level of quality. The people whom do not know rujak cingur before, usually unwilling to eat this food, because of its black colored performance.

Beside rujak cingur, petis is also people’s look for. The taste of petis is delight in tongue of Japanese people.

One of favorite food in Surabaya is Ote-ote porong. They, whom have known ote-ote porong, usually come to Porong, and brought ote-ote porong for gift. Unfortunately, we can go to Porong, because right know Porong sink because of mud which a result of Lapindo drilling.

Formerly, Surabaya becomes famous cause of bolang-baling bread. But nowadays, that food is no more seems. But in Jakarta, nowadays, you’ll find a kind of bolang-baling bread which sells with cakwe and sauce. Bubur madura or Madura porridge which contains various kind of porridge and serves in pincuk (a folded-over banana leaf used as a container for portions of food) infrequently seems anymore.

Source: KOMPAS, written by Ny. Tuti Soenardi, edited and translated by reog.


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