indonesia food
There are various meat balls variation. Commonly, meat ball only combined with egg or cow tendon in Indonesian food Cuisine. But, right now cheese meat ball already made. The newest combination is tomato meat ball in one of meat ball food stall in Bandung city.

Physically, this tomato meat ball is meat ball that wrapped with tomato. Want to know how to make it? :). Just slice tomato bottom, throw the volume (seed, etc), after that put in meat ball in the tomato and cook.Use intermediate tomato, don’t use mature, don’t use young tomato. Perfect tomato make boiled tomato meat ball still perfect. Tomato texture do not got damaged. Use approximately 4 cm diameter.

Don’t forget the gravy, use garlic, pepper, and salt. Tomato skin make meat ball has sour-sweet taste. Add in the gravy, and you’ll get fantastic taste experience ;). Your tongue will dance. But if you familiar with spices cuisine or condiment cuisine, it will just another unique experience.

If you go to Indonesia, The Original Batik Country, try to visit Bandung (named as Paris Van Java), and do not forget to taste this meat ball. Go to the food stall, and find meat ball Indonesian cuisine experience.

Write based story by Lis Dhaniati from KOMPAS