indonesia food
Malang, the apple city. Malang is city in East Java province. This city famous with its apple plantations. Various cuisine based on apple available. But I’m not going to tell you about apple cuisine now (not yet). I’ll tell you about chicken foot food. Chicken foot? Yes, you are right. Feel disgusted? No, don’t, just go to Malang and taste it, I bet you’ll love it! :), because you’ll find in other Indonesian food.

Wow, still distingue? If you can not eat the foot, there are heads and wings served. So do not worry, you can eat the wings or the heads. The taste is same, because the spices and the cooking method is same.This chicken foot food stall open at 09.00 pm. As many Indonesian cuisine, rice is the prime material, this food stall serve rice combine with foot, wings, or chicken head. This food stall commonly called as Glintung Chicken Foot Rice. But, you can order only the foot, wings, or head.

This food menu is variance of opor cooking method. Opor is meat or chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices. But this menu redder, with thin coconut milk gravy.

Youl’ll find this food stall in front of Alfa Supermarket, Letjen S.Parman Street, Malang, and East Java, Indonesia.

Write based story by Hans from KOMPAS