Cooked Red Rice with Green Chili Soup

This cuisine divided into two menus, Cooked Rice Rice and Green Chili Soup. Red rice is variant of rice which grows in Indonesia and believing content more vitamins and minerals then white rice. You can find these menus in Food Stall in Wonosari, city of Gunang Kidul regency area of Yogyakarta. The food stall is near Jirak bridge, so the menu often called as Jirak Red Rice.

In that food stall, cooked red rice serve with green chili soup. The soup have coconut milk gravy in green coloring. This soup contains tempe (fermented soybean cake), sliced green chili, shallots, garlic, and fried shallots. You can add side dishes such as empal (Javanese spiced and fried chunks of beef), and others cow meat. How about the taste? It’s really hot! :).

Edited for this blog purposed and translated by Reog, original article by Odilia Winneke from Detik.


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  • kevix
    February 1, 2008 at 2:41 PM  

    Hi folks,
    I like reading about new foods and recipes but your articles do not have enough information. There is no ingredient list, there is not mention of how the food is prepared or cooked and no measurement of the food. I am not familiar with your cuisine or country, so I don't know most of the foods you mention. I like the pictures and the food sounds like it would be tasty.