Galung Cooked Rice and Chicken Noodle Curry from Medan

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As you knew, rice is main menu in Indonesia Cuisine, I have described Gandul Rice, this artcle will describe Galung Cooked Rice menu from Pematang Siantar, Medan, North Sumatra Province.

To eat this menu, you do not have to go to Medan. If you still in Jakarta, you’ll find this menu in Galung Restaurant, Taman Pluit Kencana Street, No.2 Pluit, Jakarta Utara.
Basically, galung cooked rice is same as others rice cuisine which wrapped with side dishes in Indonesia, but the different is side dishes substance that used. On galung cooked rice, the topping is white vermicelli, fried white tiny sea fish, cabbage curry (contain sliced potato and cabbages), bean sprouts chili sauce, and a cup of green chili sauce.
For another side dishes, you can order cow rendang (meat simmered in spices and coconut milk), fried rayfish. This menu served on steamed cassava leaves. Yummy!!So tasty :). Feel the curry aroma across you nose…

Another menu which you can pick is Chicken noodle curry. The gravy is brown to red. There are yellow noodles, vermicelli, perkedel (croquette of spicy ground meat and boiled potatoes or other starch), shred fried chicken, and also flour chips, fried shallots, and celery.

Hmm…really completed side dishes menus right? :).

Edited for this blog purposed and translated by Reog, original article by Devita Sari from Detik.