indonesia food
Sate is Indonesian Food with huge devotee. Sate as I described in my previous post about this kind food, is meat stab with skewer then roasted. Too many region in Indonesia (as largest island country), too many variation of the food, even one kind of menu, can be cooked as different appereance, taste, etc.

Like sate, in Yogyakarta there is famous food stall which sale sate. Name of that stall is Warung Sate Karang. Name of Karang came from Karang Square in Kota Gede, Yogyakarta, where stall held.What the special of this sate? Sate Karang served with tempe (fermented soybean cake) gravy and eat with lontong (food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf). The taste of meat is dominated with sweet taste as others Javanese Food. Because, before skewer, the cow meats flavored with red sugar (sugar made from coconut sap).

Others spices are salt, red onion, coriander, and lime leaves to disappear putrid taste or odor of meats. After roasted, sate wrapped with peanut condiment (pounded peanut mixed with water and others spices, usually chili, garlic, and so on).

The tempe (tempeh) gravy seems like opor gravy (meat or chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices). Basic raw of gravy are tempeh and cow broth, and add spices like dried shrimps, salt, Javanese sugar, red chili, red onion, and petai beans.

Original article by Mawar Kusuma, edited and translated in English by Reog, source KOMPAS