indonesia food
As many unique cuisine, sate is original food from Indonesia. Sate is small pieces of meat roasted on skewer. This Indonesia food cuisine is so spicy and full of condiment (in some cooking method). There are a lot of sate recipes that you’ll find. One of the unique menus of sate is bone sate from Banjarmasin. Banjarmasin is capital city of South Kalimantan (Borneo Island) province.

Wait a second, I’ve told you that sate made from small pieces of meat, but why that title is bone sate? No, I’m right, that’s way I told you that this is unique Indonesian cuisine. Not other sate menu, this Banjarmasin sate made from young chicken backbone, that’s the reason.Young chicken backbone? yup, from the image above, there is no bone appear, but try to eat it ;). There is backbone wrapped with meat. This food cuisine usually uses one month chicken. Other uniqueness of this menu is the hot spices. Like no other which use peanut hot spices, this menu use hot sauces, and there are taste mixed, because you can taste the sweet, the sour, and of course, hot!

Where I can it? If you visit Jakarta, you’ll find this menu at food stall on Boulevard Raya Blok TN street, number 9, Kelapa Gading Permai. So… find the exotic trip to Indonesia, and don’t forget Indonesia spices food, See ya!!!

Write based story by Angelina Maria Donna from KOMPAS