Fries Crunchy and Crispy Snacks, and how to make it

Fries Snacks are popular streed food among people in Indonesia. Usually, in the afternoon, there is minimal one seller in one street sell these fries snacks. Fries snacks make from flour as main material, and vegetables, tuber, fermented soy bean cake (tempe), tofu.

Fries is coziest eaten with fresh cayenne or chili sauce. But often fries can not feel Crunchy and Crispy, very quickly thus wilting. Though meagerly trick fries can come up more captivating. The appearance will beautiful, likely Crunchy and Crispy. If vexed, tried corrects reading formerly info following!

Mixture Material: Main material to fry is flour dough. Flour used in the form of whole-wheat, starch flour, rice powder and corn flour. As component of mixture vegetables is used. Almost all of vegetables can be fried. For example, if you gonna make fries snacks called bakwan (corn fritter) you can use cabbage, carrot, chickpea, radish, onion leaf, leek, corn seed, carrot, etc. Also multifarious parsnip like potato, vines, cassava, and taro. Except of these material also can be used: prawn, chicken flesh, squid, small shrimp, small fish, and others.
In phases: A technique to mix material with egg dough partakes standing in yielding fries which crunchy and crispy. Don't mix the materials at the same time. Because vegetable will have water inside if it submerged in dough in long time. Enters material step by step, for once fries so that vegetable will feel crispy when fried and juiceless flour dough. Don't forget, pokes dough at every times material added and fries that flat-compounded flour and flavor.

Oil: To get golden yellow result, use much of oil and fire in medium level. Ascertains material submerge in the oil. If oil is too hot, make small the fire. If we want the result more hard and crunchy, after halfdone, lifts frying. Heats oil to return finite of correctness temperature, fries returns to frying so drought.

Additional Sauce: Fries must be presented and dined whilst warmness that the taste is delicious and crispy. In consequence fry it when it will be dined. Can be presented with bean sauce, chilli sauce, Bangkok sauce or sweet acid sauce according to appetite.