Kaledo, Bull Foot Soup from Central Sulawesi

Kaledo is original food from Donggala, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. As it name, main ingredients of this Indonesia Food is bull or cow foot. But sometimes, the backbone also included. Those main ingredients cooked as soup, the gravy is clear in yellow colors, the taste is a little bit acid sour but freshly in the mouth.

Besides meats that patch the bones, you can also eat the marrow. So it is not surprising if in kaledo food stall or restaurants, there are chopsticks, even straw, uses to eat marrow. Tastier if we eat kaledo while hot, when the marrow still like watery porridge.

As complement, there are sliced lime. Don’t forget to spread fried onion. If you like hot taste, add it with chili sauce. Kaledo can be eaten with cooked rice or cooked cassava.
Kaledo is tastty, but don’t forget the measuring, don’t eat it too much. For who have high blood pressure, or have high cholesterol, be careful if eat it :).

How to cook it? First, main ingredients, foot bone or backbone boiled for 1,5 hours. Harsh milled salts and chilies, also tasty adder added in the beginning boiling, so that condiment absorbed. The chef have smart to add the condiment, arrange it, so the meat is tender, but not shattered, and condiment absorb.

Ingredients that make sour taste are tamarind. Use young tamarind, old tamarind made the gravy bad in appearing. The taste also different, because old tamarind tends to sweet. Make concentrate from young tamarind, and add it while make gravy.

Written by Sidik Pramono, edited and translated by reog.