Chunk Meats as Chicken Soup Cuisine Characteristic

indonesian food

Many street food stall serve chicken soup in Indonesia. So they have to make uniqueness in their menus. One of succeed unique characteristic is use empal as complement or side dish, like this food stall in Veteran Street, Muntilan, Magelang City, Central Java, Indonesia.

Empal is spiced and fried chunks of beef. Commonly, empal spices are shallots, garlic, and red sugar/palm sugar. Before served, empal has to cook the day before it’s served.

This chunk meat usually boiled at 10.00 pm. After 1-2 hours, part of gravy taken in order to make soup. Meanwhile, meat cooked continuous with spices until 17.00 am. The next, with small fire, empal/chunk meats warmed until ready to fry next day. In order to make chunk meat more tasty, it boiled with charcoal as fuel of fireplace.