Globalizes Aroma, Case Study of Blue Elephant Restaurant

This is…article about globalization of food cuisine, inspiring story to develop your restaurant maybe :).

Delicious food can be reach anywhere, from street food until stars restaurant. Almost food resource talking food in its taste aspect, so lets talk food from globalization aspect, food business.

From Blue Elephant at Bangkok, maybe we will carry on the back of inspiration about not only how to make delicious food (this restaurant held cooking course) but also the way of thinking to growth itself in globalization flow. For some people at Bangkok, Blue Elephant known as high class restaurant, serve food that claimed as Tahiland original food cuisine, Royal Thai Cuisine. Blue Elephant already have branches in various cities like London, Brussels, Paris, New Delhi, and Malta.

This restaurant belongs to couple, Nooror Somany, Thai woman, and her husband Karl Steppe from Belgium. Together they develop Blue Elephant become great restaurant. They develop all of matter that they assume excellent in Thailand culinary tradition. The best ingredients have chosen, process with latest food processing technique. They directly send all of ingredients from Thailand to all branches in various cities in the world.

At this level, needed quality standardization in global business networks. Sent raw ingredients to other countries is important matter, there are high standard implemented. Like seen in blue elephant factory, banana leaves for example, cut and sterilize before packed and sent to other countries. Elegibility test for ingredients with sensitive characteristic do in various lines.

Expertise handle ingredients until send to various countries open another business, that is create various fixed recipe, and also ready to cook ingredients for easy food business. Today, several supermarket offer half-cooked food, where super busy human can buy and cook it in easy way.

If delicious food mater, we agree that we can find in anywhere, even at street foodstall, but the problem is placed local things in global stage. That answered by Karl Stepp with his Blue Elephant. With his experience as art dealer, he usually handles business in global spectrum.