Indonesia Cakes, Apem Traditional Cakes Recipes

Apem is Javanese cakes, made from rice flour, it become favorite cakes in Indonesia. You can find apem which have modified with cheeses and others West Country ingredients in several food stall in Indonesia. But right now, I write “original” recipes. Enjoyed :)

Ingredient :
Serves 15
400 gram rice flour
80 gram corn starch
1 pack of yeast
200 gram granulated sugar
2-3 cups of coconut milk
Food color red and green
1/2 coconut flakes, steamed with a little bit of salt

Preparation :

  1. Mix rice flour with corn starch, yeast, sugar, and salt evenly. Pour the coconut milk. Make out dough.
  2. Leave the dough in a warm place for 1 hour
  3. pour the coconut milk until the dough is smooth
  4. Warm up small cup that has already being cover with oil in a steamer. Pour dough into the small cups. stem until cooked
  5. Serve with coconut flakes