Mustache Meatball Recipe-Indonesia Food

After several story about meatball (here, here, here, here, and here) I’ve made, know I try to write meatball recipe.


500 grams of chopped meat (cow or pig)
500 grams of intact medium size prawn of ( with its skin)
1-2 big Hioko mushroom
Ear mushroom
! big carrot
Fried onion
Yensui leaves/Coriander leaves

5-6 of shallots, cut it
3-4 of garlic chopped refined
2 tea spoon of nutmeg
Pepper powder
2 eaten spoon of sesame oil
Oyster sauce

How to make it:
Two kind of mushroom and vermicelli soaked. After tender, cut in big size but slightly for hioko mushrooms, chopped the ear mushroom and vermicelli.
Cut in circle of carrot
Clean cauliflower, and cut it in size as you wish
Chopped coriander leaves

Remove shrimp shells, but don’t throw the skin and the head, chop the shrimp
Mix the chopped shrimp and chopped meat
Add chopped garlic
Add nutmeg, salt, pepper, oyster, and fried onion as you wish
Add ear mushroom and vermicelli
Mix all and add sesame oil
Rounded it with hand, so become ball

Boil water in big pan (how much? as your wish)

After boiled, add shrimp skins and heads, wait a moment until cooked, and change in colors. Pick up shrimp skins and heads.

Drop the wok on stove, heat the oil (kind of oil is up to you, it can be butter, margarine, or others). Sautéing chopped garlic and shallots until the fragrance is came up, add with 1 tea spoon of nutmeg powder, add carrot, ear mushroom, and hioko, poke it just a moment on wok.

Add in boiled water, wait a moment
Add meatball one by one
Final step, add chopped coriander leaves, fried onion, also vermicelli
Taste it, arrange sour-sweet as you wish with salt and sweet