Durian ice, will you like it?

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Indonesian is one of people in the world who like durian. This fruit processed in to many menu, both food and drinking. One kind of menu is durian ice; it is not like an ice cream, just cold durian meat.

Durian is paradox fruit, why? Because some people said that this fruit does not delicious, but some other people said its very delicious. It’s all because the smell. The smell is very strong, some people nose said the smell is very fragnant, some people said it smell very bad.

If you do not like durian yoou better try durian ice, why? Because, based on experienced, people (in Indonesia) who do not like eat durian, like drink durian as drinking (usually, durian meat blended with ice in blender).

If you come to Indonesia, why not trying to visit Purbalingga, Central Java Province. Purbalingga is one of central production of durian. In that city, you’ll find food stall that serve durian ice.

How to make durian ice? The fruit meat peeled from the seed, and placed in cold storage. When it served, fruit meat pour with liquid red sugar (palm sugar), and fresh coconut milk, and then added with chopped ice.