How to Make Sambal, Traditional Chili Sauce of Indonesia

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If you eat Indonesia Food, it usually chili sauce included in the menu. Indeed, most of Indonesian food recipe use chili sauce or called as sambal as menu addition. It is your choice to use it or not. But be careful, it very hot for people who do not usually eat hot sauce. Why?

Because sambal usually made from kind of chili that has high hot characteristic. This chili sauce made from chili that pestle in rough form (whether for some ind of sambal, it pestle until tender). Still want to try to make sambal and eat it with fried chicken maybe? Here the guidelines:

Main ingredients of course chili. Pick fresh chili, none part of it that already putrid or damaged. Smaller chili means the taste hotter, so if you not like hot taste pick the bigger one.

Throw away its stalk, washes, and then dry it. Chop chili in small pieces so it easy to pestle.

Although it is just chili pestle sauce, sambal use spices and condiment, so the taste delicious (although still hot).

Usual condiment is terasi (condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish). Burn, roast or steam this condiment before using it. Cooked terasi will give tasty aroma in sambal.

Addition spices are garlic, shallots, and greater galingale. If you like, you can add lime to make fresh taste. Use lime lemon, or another kind of lime which have sour taste. Or maybe you can add with tamarind, or may sour star fruit.

Put all of ingredients on stone mortar, and pestle it until refine. Why use stone mortar? And not blender? If you use stone mortar, the chili juice (sap) will come out because of stones friction, if you use blender, blender only chopped the chili, but does not able to come out chili juice (sap).

Eat it with fried chicken or another menus as soon as possible. Enjoyed!